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This project (Debater – 2017-1-TR01-KA105-038859) is granted by European Commission and Ministry of EU Affairs Turkish National Agency

“Funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union. However, European Commission and Turkish National Agency cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein”

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Before the mobility,  introduction Pages of the project in English and in Turkish, Erasmus+ and YouthPass in English and in Turkish also Citizens ME! in English and in Turkish were disseminated.We have many activities in this project and we reflect them with these videos

During mobility, we did cultural activities such as Cultural Night (Turkey, Azerbaijan and Serbia) and Cultural trip.

Our coordinator Ozan Demir gave an interview about “How to write CV – CV nasıl yazılır” in Turkish

We played team building games MarshMellow and TicTacToe

A lot of learning during mobility; Erasmus+ introduction-YouthPass Workshops, Learning Contract, Check-in Check out, Motorola Reports, Mental Model Games and Einstein Workshop

We teach how to debate with
debate 101,
debate rules,
debate education,
balloon game,
land game,
who is the wolf,
magical wand – word game – trial
toast with cheese

and at the end of the project participants practice their learning during project with a tournament (eliminationsfinal)

Here is the evaluations of participants in English and in Turkish

And also evaluation of educators in English

Educators give an interview “why young people need to learn debating – Gençler neden münazara yapmayı öğrensin?” in Turkish

Satisfactory Survey

Energizer & ice breakers 5.00
Name Game 5.00
Who is wolf 5.00
Cultural night 5.00
Tournament 4.90
Participants 4.90
Dialogue 4.88
Trial 4.88
Tic Tac Toe 4.88
Martı team 4.88
Einstein workshop 4.87
Marshmallow game 4.80
Erasmus+ introduction & Youthpass workshop 4.80
Dissemination 4.80
Word game 4.77
Motorola Reports 4.75
Freedom of expression 4.70
Toast with cheese for aliens 4.70
Check-in / check out 4.66
Gibb’s model of reflection 4.66
Themes   (Syria issue, LGBTi, rule of law, religious tolerance) 4.60
Accommodation 4.60
Feedback session 4.55
Educators 4.50
Balloon game 4.50
Land game 4.10
Food 3.60


Average 4.71  = % 94.2



Pre test / Post test comprasion

Erasmus+ Youth Pass Questions


Pre test     % 23.80

Post test   % 42.86


Pre test     % 33.33

Post test   % 80.95

Nis Debatni

Pre test     % 55.56

Post test   % 74.07

Debate Questions


Pre test     % 44.29

Post test   % 78.57


Pre test     % 30.00

Post test   % 54.29

Nis Debatni

Pre test     % 47.78

Post test   % 76.67

Cultural Question


Pre test     % 87.30

Post test   % 96.83


Pre test     % 82.54

Post test   % 98.41

Nis Debatni

Pre test     % 77.78

Post test   % 97.53


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