Debater – Introduction


This project (Debater – 2017-1-TR01-KA105-038859) is granted by European Commission and Ministry of EU Affairs Turkish National Agency

“Funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union. However, European Commission and Turkish National Agency cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein”

Press Release

—- Overall Objective: Helping young people to speaking actively in front of society, analytic thinking, conduct a research, to improve their writing skills and defending their ideas

—- Specific Objective: To increase young peoples debating abilities

—- Goals:
– To make the European citizenship workshop reach 20.000 young people
– To promote cultural diversity
– To make Erasmus + intro and Youthpass post reach 20.000 young people
– To make Online debate education and interviews reach to 50,000 young people
– To make Debate tournament and project videos reach 100.000 young people
– To be news in 3 local, regional and internet media

To reach those objectives activities below are planned

A1 Debate Education (british parliament system , defend and rebuttal)
A2 How to make a research? Information about debate topics ( Syria, the rule of law, religious tolerance, LGBTi)
A3 Practise-Debate tournament

This project will be implemented by Magna (youth group of Martı Association). 30 young people from Turkey, Tunusia, Azerbaijan and Serbia will participate in this project. It will be  held in Kabak, Fethiye, begin in 31 August 2018 and lasts 8 days


Magna ( Martı – Türkiye ) –  Facebook Twitter Youtube



Youth Support and Development Center

Debatni klub Grada Nisa

Dissemination links

Participants of this project can earn free yacth tour by disseminate below page from our Facebook Page. Just click the link and then share

DA1 – Debater Introduction

To win in Dissemination Game you need to collect Dissemination Points (DP).
Easy to do
Click the links below and share it.
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For  each like you get 1 DP, for each share you get 5 DP
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DA1 – Debater Introduction
DA2 – Debater Erasmus+ Youthpass
DA3 – Debater Active Citizenship

Partners and Participants

Partner profile and expectations

Partners who give importance to debating

We expect our partners fulfill their responsibilities in the

Most importantly

3 – Prepare their participants

Tasks of partners:

A – Dissemination
B – Team building games
C – Energizers
D – Ice breaking games
E – Language games
E – Youth Rights workshop
F – How to do research workshop
G – Syria presentation
H – Rule of Law presentation
I – LGBTi presentation
J – Religious tolarence presentation
K – Social night

All partners will do dissemination

Magna – Team Building Games & Syria presentation & Rule of Law presentation, photo/video, Ice-breaking games

Nisa – Youth Rights Workshop & Religious tolerance presentation

YSDC – Social Night & Language games – energizers & LGBTi presentation

Participants profile and expectations

– Magna 6 participants + group leader and project team (9 young people)
– 6 participants from each group + group leader (7 young people)
– 18 – 25 years old,
– The ones who would like to improve themselves effective speaking, analytic thinking
– Group leaders should have a well knowledge of English Parliament System (they will be jury in the tournament)
– Fewer opportunities have priority
– The ones who like multicultural environments,
– The ones who appreciate differences

26 young people 4 group leaders

Participants are responsible from the agreement they signed and also our rules here

Project Team Ahmet Ateş, Ozan Fe,
Faciliater Ali Başboğa
Group Leader Oğuzcan Köksal
Coaches Heval Defne Çoban, Baran Ezeli, Ömer Şahin

Activity Program

Some important videos about debate


European debating platform


How can I reach there, local transportation cost?

The project will be in Fethiye/”My Beach”  tent camp at Çalış beach (near Truva Hotel) close to Fethiye center
If you come from Dalaman airport you can use airport bus to Fethiye (fee 17,5TL). When you are in Fethiye Otogar ask to find minibus to Çalış Beach (fee 3 TL).

Weather Forecast?

You can learn from from here

What should I bring with me?

The weather is hot; hat, sun glasses, creams to protect your skin is necessary. Also insects may disturb. Swimming wearings, towels, comfortable shoes.


Kabak Valley


The Heaven on Earth




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