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This project (Ref No: 2017-2-TR01-KA105-046951) is granted by European Commission and Ministry of EU Affairs Turkish National Agency

“Funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union. However, European Commission and Turkish National Agency cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein”

Press Release

—- Overall Objective: To help educate young people to increase their education and to increase the educational efficiency of NGOs.

—- Specific Objective: To enable 13 youth workers from Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria to use Learning Management Systems effectively by increasing their capacity to develop e-learning, moodle training, MOOC opening experience in Turkey within 7 days

—- Goals:
– To convey Citizens ME! workshop video to 10.000 youths
– to improve the sense of European citizenship
– To promote cultural diversity.
– To convey Erasmus + intro and Youthpass online presentation to 30.000 youth workers
– To convey Online LMS software training course to 30.000 youth workers
– To convey courses prepared in the application workshop to 30.000 youth workers
– To enroll 100 youth workers to online courses in 1 month
– To convey interviews with 3 experts to 20.000 youth workers
– To convey project video to 20.000 youth workers
– 3 news in the local,regional and internet newspapers.

To reach those objectives activities below are planned

A1 Distance education
A2 LMS (Learning Management Systems) software (moodle) training
A3 Implementing Workshop (Online courses)

This project will be implemented with Magna, youth group of Martı Association. 13 youth workers from Turkey, Italy and Bulgaria will participate in the project. The project begin in 26 APR 2018 and lasts in 7 days

The educator of this project is Sadık Türkel


Magna ( Martı – Türkiye ) –  Facebook Twitter Youtube

Institute Perspectives ( Bulgaria )Facebook Youtube

New Horizons ( Italy )Facebook

Project theme

Learning Management Systems (LMS) & Moodle education

Some important links

How to install moodle into your website

Tutorial of moodle

Partners and Participants

Partner profile and expectations

Educative youth NGOs from program countries

We expect our partners fulfill their responsibilities in the  internal agreement

Tasks of partners:

Magna – Team Building Games, Erasmus+Intro, EU Citizenship, photo/video

New Horizons – Ice Breakers & Energisers

Institute Perspectives – Social Night (lang games), Youth Rights Presentation

Participants profile and expectations

– Magna 3 youth workers + legal representative + project coordinator 5 participants (gender balanced) + 2 facilitator + 1 trainer.
– 4 participants from partner groups (gender balanced)
– +18
-Youth workers who want to learn Moodle software and as implementation open an online course for their own use
– Fewer opportunities has priorities
– who likes multicultural environments,
– who apreciate differences

13 youth workers / volunteers

Participants are responsible from the agreement they signed and also our rules here


How can I reach there, local transportation cost?

Kayseri and Nevşehir airports are same distance from the hotel, detailed information soon

Weather Forecast?

You can learn from from here

What should I bring with me?

This part of Turkey may be cold even in spring. Bring some clothes keep you warm.






Pre-Motorola reports

1 – Magna 

What do we want to learn?

– Learning Management Systems (LMS)
– Open an online course using Moodle platform, enter the content of course, managing the participants, quizzes, notes, surveys
– Open our own course as Magna (Online course for Project Proposing NGOs)
– Expreince to be a team

What is our role?

– Implement the project with success
– Please our funder
– While training participants also try to make them happy and enjoy the project
– Support succesful dissemination

What do we need?

– Partners and participants fulfill their promises in the agreements we do
– Trainers / faciliators who can do preliminary preparations
– Our team should work before mobility on the contents of our assignment course in the project
– Dissemination success: Last few project we tried many things to have the dissemiation success but we could not. Beginning with this project we have a new rules, if the participants do not get 500 Dissemination Points (DP) We can not take them into project. Magna approved the participants with the criteria dissemination success and knowledge about our agreement and rules

How do we make sure?

– Disseminations Success (participant candidates need to have 500 DP to be a participant We hope this effect our success, also help of our partners)
– Reach the goals mentioned upside (— Goals)
– Increase %25 in pre test / post test comparison
– %90 success in Satisfactory Survey
– Successful cooperation of project team indicates; we become a team

2 – Institute Perspectives

What do we want to learn?

– To know practical steps of creation online course, with moodle system.

What is our role?

– To have concentration and desire to develop new knowledge for creation online course.

What do we need?

– We need time and understanding from teachers, because we are from another sector.

How do we make sure?

– In the end of course, we must have basic skills for design online course.

3 – New Horizons

What do we want to learn?

– Firstly, to have a sound premise of understanding about Online Learning: its scope, popularity, frequency of use, proven impacts, online learners’ trends, and popular platforms/tools.
– Secondly: to obtain technical knowledge in order to use and administer an Online learning tool/platform, and to support users
– Thirdly: good practices in preparing online learning materials, select learning contents, track learning progress, and evaluating distant learning outcomes.

What is our role?

– Leader: select and design the learning path and learning attitude.
– Facilitator: support when necessary, more autonomy given to learners.
– Consultant: giving advice to solve problems, help to get back on track.
– Evaluator: attentive to follow and recognize learners’ progress and results.

What do we need?

– Good blended training between theory and practice with simulations learn from. – A positive learning attitude, patience, and openness.

How do we make sure?

– Training agenda made transparent and well in advance in order to consult all partners.
– Necessary materials and practical sessions to be available during training.
– Continuous assessment to be applied.

Einstein Workshop


Dissemination Rules and Links

Participant candidates should get 500 Dissemination points before the mobility. Otherwise they can not be participant of this project. Besides dissemination success they need to understand the agreement, rules and content of this page

How to get Dissemination Points (DP);
1 – Blog post (If you do not have any blog you just write an acceptable content we can use our site to publish with your name) 
100 DP Using the links below, any blog post related the subjects in the link ( you can get 100 DP for each blog post for each link )
– Since this blog post is a new content you can get DPs by sharing it also with the rules below

2 – Twitter (You should approve this points in the SKYPE meeting)
10 DP each click to our website

3 – Facebook
5 DP for each share you or your friends from your post
1 DP for each like of your post

If you share with writing something meaningful in your own language inside your post;
10 DP for each share you or your friends from your post
–   2 DP likes

Links to get the DPs

Facebook & Linkedln (Share the pages in below links)

DF1 – Introduction page (this one)
DF2 – Introduction to Erasmus +
DF3 – Citizens ME! Active Citizenship
DF4 – Online Moodle Course (soon)

For Twitter you can go to the links and click on share in Twitter button

DT1 – Introduction page (this one)
DT2 – Introduction to Erasmus +
DT3 – Citizens ME! Active Citizenship
DT4 – Online Moodle Course (soon)

Introduction of participants and project team


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