Results of Build Your Team Project


This is the Results page of Build Your Team for Your Dream Project implemented by Martı Association between 15-23 August 2017, in Helsinki / Finland

Press Release is here, participants introduction video is here
Some important tools are Learning Contract, Dialogue is the beginning of the learning, Einstein Workshop is about finding the right question, Reflection improves your learning, Cool Wall works to understand whats going good whats going wrong, Birth giving to display competency,

Most of the activities are workshops

Motorola Reports, check-in, check-out, Mental Model Games explain everything from your point of view, Learning Tools should be used to improve your learning, Learning Diary is simply a notebook for writing up and down one’s ideas and toughts on learning. It’s purpose is to help the learner to analyze and reflect his/her thinking.

There were also amazing team building games, Tic Tac Toe and Marsmellow Game
Cool energisers, Cultural Nights and Social Night. We did a lot of fun with our coaches while we are trying to teach them Jawaneese (Indonesian Language of big Jawa island)

Post Motorola Report of Martı Team

What went well?

Expreincing Finnish Educational System,
Beautiful Environment
Most of the participants profile were high

What went poorly?

Participants did not fulfill their promises, also the partners. It caused a lot of problems. This is directly effects the success of the project. We are going to change the way we implement projects.

What did we learn?

Finnish Educational system is highly efficient. We decide to use most of the activities in our future projects. Check-in, Check-out, Mental Model Games, Dialogue Ring, Einstein Workshop.

What will we take with us?

1 – We are going to use what we learned here in all of our projects. Our team will be more effective
2 – We need to find some serious partners and work with them continuesly. A Network is needed. Soon we propose a new project about networking.


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