Across the Universe – Press Release


The objective of this project is to improve young peoples imagination, and scientific thinking. By increasing their capacity about astronomy observation & education, astrophotography educations & implementation, fundamental laws of cosmology and impact of them

To achieve this;

1 – Education and observation about astronomic sizes, stars, constellations and birth of them, galaxies and galaxy clusters and nebulas,

2 – Education and implementation of Milky way photography, planet and deep space photography and observations

3 – Information about fundamentals laws of cosmology like quantum, general relativity, latest improvements, etc.

4 – Implementation Workshop: Teams will prepare reports about

– How latest developments in cosmology will effect philosophy, sociology, religions, science and daily life in future

these 4 activities has been planned

Across the Universe, is an Erasmus+ projects granted by EU Ministery of Turkey and prepared by Magna (youth group of Martı Association) It has been begin at 1 August 2016 and lasts at 30 July 2017. Mobility, will be held in Fethiye’de Kabak Valley Camp between 1 – 9 July 2017 with the partners from, Lithunia, Turkey and Azerbaijan. There will be 30 participants ages between 18-25.

You can reach outputs of the project from here and Youtube Channel


Magna Youth Group (Martı Association/Türkiye) Facebook Twitter Youtube

Worldest/Türkiye Facebook Twitter

AEGEE (Azerbaijan) Facebook Twitter

Gençler Dayaq (Azerbaijan) Facebook

Active Youth (Lithunia) Facebook


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