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On this video we have talked about how the developments in cosmology and physics may affect philosophy, sociology and our everyday life. Accelerated expansion of our universe causes the limitation of not being able to leave the Local Group and if proven this concept can influence religious and anthropocentric thinking of this age greatly. On another subject we have mentioned on philosophical questions like whether it is our moral obligation to spread life to other planets or galaxies before human settlement? Also whether the ‘end’ of science is near or not and discuss that the end of scientific inquiry is nowhere near the end (and there is actually no end to this). There are many steps to be taken so that these discoveries and ideas in cosmology and physics can be applied to biology, chemistry and other sciences. In addition we have talked on the importance of these subjects on the philosophy of science and its direct relations to logic and quantum physics. Finally these can directly influence our everyday lives through several means. Literature, entertainment and art is at the one hand and new technologies being developed currently is another. Such developments in particle physics, quantum mechanics and cosmology may affect healthcare, ICT and other sectors in life strongly.

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Evrenin Temel Yasalarının Bilim, Felsefe, Sosyoloji, Dinler ve Günlük hayata Etkileri – AB Proje videosu Across the Universe AB projesinde takımların hazırlayacağı raporlara yol gösterir nitelikte

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Evrenbilimdeki son gelişmeler; Felsefeyi, bilimi, sosyolojiyi, dinleri ve günlük hayatı nasıl etkileyecek?

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