Budhi’s song

Budhi’s Song in GWK Park / Bali, in this video Indonesian hero Budhi singing a Bahasa song

Burung Kakak Tua

Burung Kakak Tua - Garuda Wisnu Kencana Park / Bali video is a famous kid song in Bahasa language

Build Your Team – Workshops

Build Your Team EU Project for EU Youth - Workshop video is about workshops we did in Build Your Team EU Youth Project Subscribe to...

Martı’s Teaming Up Workshop in Tidar University – Press Release

Press Release This project is designed to show Indonesia What We are Doing in Erasmus+ Projects Cool Wall, name game, check-in, energisers, Pre Motorola, Mental Model...

Results of Build Your Team Project

This is the Results page of Build Your Team for Your Dream Project implemented by Martı Association between 15-23 August 2017, in Helsinki /...

Martı Indonesia – Tidar University Teaming UP Workshop

Martı’s Tidar University Workshop EU Youth - Teaming UP - Participants introduction video is about participants introduction of Martı Association’s Teaming UP Workshop in...

Debater Internal Agreements

Partners Agreement Magna Youth Group is an informal youth group of Martı and we use Martı instead of Magna Youth Group from now on This is...

Debater – InfoPack

Agreements Moodle Site


Build Your Team EU Project for EU Youth - Energisers video ➤ Subscribe to our channel ➤ Facebook PageEnergisers

Social Night

  Build Your Team EU Project for EU Youth - Social Night video is for intercultural communication, language games and networking ➤ Subscribe to our channel ➤ Facebook...