Martı’s Teaming Up Workshop in Tidar University – Press Release


Press Release

This project is designed to show Indonesia What We are Doing in Erasmus+ Projects

Cool Wall, name game, check-in, energisers, Pre Motorola, Mental Model Games, Dialog Ring, Team Building Games (SOS, Marshmellow), Einstein Workshop, Post Motorola and check-out and workshops  are planned

It will be held in Magelang at 7 October 2017 in Tidar University. There will be 18 English teachers (their introduction video) . Martı implemented 11 Erasmus+ projects in four years. This is not a granted project, we do this with our own sources

Please do individually of your Learning Contract

Pre Motorola of Martı

What do we want to learn?

The differences and shared values of two different continents. We also check the regulations open a branch office in the Tidar University.

What is our role?

We are not teachers and do not claim Indonesia to teach anything. We need to learn from their culture. Our roles is to be coaches. And make connection between 2 countries. There are new opportunities of student exchange between Indonesia & Turkey

What do we need?

In Indonesia it is too difficult to found an NGO, but its become more easier if a university call us. This means we need to work international. We need permission to have a branch office there.

For the project;

We need motivated participants (they are already very excited)
Poster and equipment (already done)
And work as a team with Ozan Fe

Exciting country, awesome people, excellent culture

How do we make sure?

We are focusing team working and want to teach others about that. This workshop will be our first trial and we make Pre-Post test to measure it. The change in two test will show our success. Each project we need to work systematically and many of the activities in this workshop we will use our future projects

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