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In my last visit to Indonesia, I was invited to an Indonesian friend’s (Hikmah Nurani Kartika) school (MI ARROSYIDIN PAYAMAN KABUPATEN MAGELANG) I was surprised when I saw the kid’s band giving me a concert. They were 9 – 12 years old, very talented. I got so impressed. I learned that they have 16 rewards already and two of them is big. They were rewarded as second best band in a big city of Indonesia (Yogyakarta) two times

After the concert I decided to help those kids. I talked with manager and music teacher about the needs of the band. They want to include more kids to the band. Means more musical instruments. Also they need a special uniform for all kids playing in the band.

Kids love music and happy playing together.

All Indonesians are kind, nice and trustable people. All the donations goes directly to the MI ARROSYIDIN PAYAMAN KABUPATEN MAGELANG school’s bank account

Please support our Indiegogo Campaign

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