Reflection Paper


Reflection Paper

• Reflection paper is both deep and broad, written document on individual’s spesific learning experience (leadership training or a project, for example).

• Reflection papers do not have universal frameworks they vary according to the needs, themes and criteria.

• All principles of essay writing apply as well to writing an reflection paper. (1 – Theory studies in Team Academy are done by reading books and applying ideas gained from them into practice. 2 –  Essay ia a bridge between theory and practice. For every book read, the learner writes an essay about his/her plans on implemeting the theory into practice. 3 – The idea of essay is to reflect on one’s own thinking and ideas. It is not an abstract or a summary, examination paper, scientific article or a book review. 4-  Essays are not evaluated, altought they are commented by the learner’s coach and/or his/her peers.)

• Reflection paper is analyzed with peers and coach.

Gibbs Model of Reflection

You do this type of reflection according the situation choosed. It is easy, you just answer the 22 questions. There are 5 steps of questions.


Step 1: Description Describe the situation in details

1 – When and where did this happen?

2 – Why were you there?

3 – Who else was there?

4 – What happened?

5 – What did you do?

6 – What did other people do?

7 – What was the result of this situation?

Step 2: Feelings

8 – What did you feel before this situation took place?

9 – What did you feel while this situation took place?

10 – What do you think other people felt during this situation?

11 – What did you feel after the situation?

12 – What do you think about the situation now?

13 – What do you think other people feel about the situation now?

Step 3: Evaluation

14 – What was positive about this situation

15 – What was negative? (Try to find problems here and suggest solutions in conclusion part)

16 – What went well?

17 – What didn’t go so well?  (Try to find problems here and suggest solutions in conclusion part)

18 – What did you and other people do to contribute to the situation (either positively or negatively)?

Step 4: Conclusions

19 – How could this have been a more positive experience for everyone involved? (suggestion to solutions to problems you mentioned in evaluation part)

20 – If you were faced with the same situation again, what would you do differently?

21 – What skills do you need to develop, so that you can handle this type of situation better?

Step 5: Action

22 – Action plan to deal with similar situations more effectively in the future. (1. 2. 3. etc.)


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