Birth Giving


Birth Giving

• Birth giving is team’s (or similar group’s) oral and/or written display of its current competency.

• Birth giving may focus on solving problems, presenting things learnt in a project or generating new ideas.

• In birth giving knowledge is shared and created by all participants. It is not a mere presentation, but an interactive learning situation for everybody.

• The length of birth giving varies according to needs. Usually they last four hours (plus of course the time used to preparation) but in some cases they may last only 30 minutes.

Principles of Birth Giving

1. The purpose is to display competency.

2. During a birth giving knowledge is both shared and created.

3. Birth giving is an interactive event, not passive one.

4. The style of birth giving varies it may be formal and “facts only” event or informal and entertaining.

5. The results of birth giving are evaluated by all participants.


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