Learning Set


Learning Set

• Learning set is a group of people, who learn from each other according to the set’s theme (“marketing” or “project management”, for example).
• Suitable size for learning set is 4 to 6 persons. These persons meet each other regularlly (once a month, for example).
• In Team Academy a team can be divided into multiple learning set in order to increase knowledge flow and learning.
• All the rules of dialogue sessions apply to learning sets. However, coach is not needed the learning sets usually operate as selfmanaged. A learning set guide (an experienced learner, for example) may participate as facilitator if needed.
• Learning set is not a project team, therapy group or hangaround club. It is a learning group.

Prequisites For Effective Learning Set

1. Openess and trust.

2. Listening patiently and giving everybody chance to talk.

3. Using “I” instead of “generally”.

4. Enough time and space to think. Learning set should not be a hurried meeting.

5. Questions are asked to help others to learn. They are not made to showoff one’s knowledge.

General Example on Learning Set’s Agenda

1. Checking In

• Everybody tells his/her current toughts and news in turn.

2. Agenda Setting

• Building the big picture.

3. Working through the agenda

4. Summary and CheckOut

• Summarizing and documenting things learnt.



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