Learning Contract


What Learning Contract Is?

• Learning contract is committing, personal learning plan. By using it the learner explores his/her learning path from the perspectives of past, current moment and future. These explorations are crafted into a action plan with goals and means to get to them .
• Learning contract is not merely a plan (or a wishlist), but as the name implies a contract. The learner “contracts” with other learners. Thus it its a commitment and tool for sharing ideas
• Learning contract is a “living document”. It is regularry updated and checked by the learner, his/her peer learners and the coach.
• Learning contract includes both long term strategic goals and short term tactical ones.
• Learning contract includes measurements for success and set goals.

Learning Contract’s Framework

1. Where have I been? (learning history)

2. Where am I now? (current moment)

3. Where am I going? (future, goals)

4. How do I get where I want to go? (means to reach goals)

5. How do I know I have reached my goals? (measurements)


• Portfolio is a documentation of your competency. It contains all documents that you have produced during your learning path.

• In practice portfolio is a binder or a CD.

• Porfolio is updated regurally. It is explored with coaches and peers a few times per year.

Portfolio Contents (Examples)

1. Training diary
2. Learning contracts
3. Summary list of books read
4. Essays written
5. Reading plan
6. Summary list of projects completed
7. Project reports
8. Plan of making one’s Bachelor’s Thesis
9. List of customers and network analysis
10. Leadership training plan
11. Analysis of one’s learning path in general
12. Resume


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