Dialogue Session (1/2)

• Dialogue session form a structure and rythm for all other learning activities. It is a “social tool” that transforms individual’s knowledge into team knowledge.
• Participants: The whole team participates. Typical number of participants is from 10 to 15. Dialogue sessions with over 20 persons are not very effective and with over 30 persons they are impossible in practice.
• Time used: Optimal time for dialogue session is four hours. Within this time frame there’s enough time to reflect and think deeply various issues.
• Rythm: Beginning team needs dialogue sessions once or twice a week. A more advanced team needs a dialogue session once per week or two.

Dialogue Sessions (2/2)

• The main method of learning is dialogue. It is deep discussion with other learners with the principles of respect, open listening, waiting patiently and positive straightfowardness. Short lectures and brainstorming techniques may also be used in order to stimulate collective thinking.

• Coach’s role is to act as facilitator. With beginning teams he/she is more instructive and with advanced team more consultative. However, coach is always needed in dialogue sessions.

• Coach uses questions to guide the dialogue. This requires sensitivity and awarness of the team’s current situation, dynamics and challenges.

• Dialogue sessions usually have some sort of main theme. Its role is to act as an “umbrella” for the various discussions.


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